29 Kids Whose Mothers Day Gifts Made Their Parents Laugh

Whenever I asked my mom what she wanted for Mother’s Day, she would always say nothing. “You’re the best gift I’ve received,” she’d explain. That was the worst response I could get. It made me try even harder, yet it was no help in coming up with a particular idea. And I bet quite a few kids who made it to this list have had the same thing happen to them. Bored Panda has collected a list of some of the funniest Mother’s Day gifts children have ever presented and it’s probably safe to assume that they were way better than what their moms could’ve asked for. So continue scrolling, enjoy the fun, and upvote your faves!

#1 Still Killing It On Mother’s Day


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Anna Jarvis is the one who’s most often credited with founding Mother’s Day in the United States. Designated as the second Sunday in May by President Woodrow Wilson in 1914, aspects of that holiday have since spread all over the world, sometimes mingling with other local traditions. Jarvis took great pains to acquire and defend her title as “Mother of Mother’s Day,” and to focus the day primarily on children celebrating their mothers.

#2 Our Gift For Mother’s Day

But, as National Geographic points out, others had the idea first, and with different agendas. Julia Ward Howe, better known for writing “The Battle Hymn of the Republic,” promoted a Mothers’ Peace Day as early as 1872. For Howe and other antiwar activists, including Anna Jarvis’s mother, Mother’s Day was a way to promote global unity after the horrors of the American Civil War and Europe’s Franco-Prussian War.


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#3 My Mom Wanted A Nice Picture Of Me And My Sister For Mother’s Day. Well She’s Getting These Instead

Frank E. Hering, a former football coach and faculty member at University of Notre Dame, also promoted the idea of a Mother’s Day before Anna Jarvis. In 1904, Hering spoke to an Indianapolis gathering of the Fraternal Order of Eagles, calling for support to “setting aside of one day in the year as a nationwide memorial to the memory of Mothers and motherhood.”

He didn’t suggest a specific date for the occasion, though he did mention that Mother’s Day should be held on a Sunday. Local “aeries” of the Fraternal Order of Eagles took up Hering’s challenge. To this day, the organization still holds Hering and the Eagles as the “true founders of Mother’s Day.”

#4 This Kid Is Going Places


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Anna Jarvis did not like the idea of Mother’s Day having a “father.” She blasted Hering in an undated 1920s statement entitled “Kidnapping Mother’s Day: Will You Be an Accomplice?”

“Do me the justice of refraining from furthering the selfish interests of this claimant,” Jarvis said, “who is making a desperate effort to snatch from me the rightful title of originator and founder of Mother’s Day, established by me after decades of untold labor, time, and expense.”

#5 Always Be The Last One To Sign The Mother’s Day Card

#6 Looking For A Mother’s Day Card For My Biological Mother Who Gave Me Up For Adoption – Is This Too Dark?

#7 I Wasn’t A Planned Baby. This Is The Card I Got My Mom For Mother’s Day

#8 Friend’s 5th Grade Son Made Her This Card On Mother’s Day

#9 I Too Updated One Of Mom’s Favorite Pictures For Mother’s Day (Not Much Has Changed In 30 Years)

#10 Mother’s Day Breakfast In Bed, Prepared By A 5-Year-Old


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#11 Now That My Son Is 13, He Understands What I *Really* Want For Mother’s Day! There’s A Little Stack Of These

#12 My Buddy Made This For His Mom For Mother’s Day When He Was 12

#13 My Nephew’s Faces On Pillows For A Mother’s Day Gift Was A Great Idea In Theory

#14 The Best Way For A 16-Year-Old Boy To Scare His Over-Protective Mom On Mother’s Day

#15 My Friend’s Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift

#16 Happy Mother’s Day

#17 This Mother’s Day Card

#18 9 Year Old Niece Gave This To My Mom For Mother’s Day

#19 She Said It’s A Hand Pointing To Me. Happy Mother’s Day To Me

#20 My Son’s Mother’s Day Gift

#21 Hallmark Was Running Out Of Mother’s Day Cards So I Had To Improvise

#22 My Cousin Made This For Her Mom On Mother’s Day

#23 This Is How My Brother Addressed Our Mother’s Day To Card To Our Mom

#24 Now That’s A Mothers Day Gift

#25 This Is The Mother’s Day Card My 10 Year Old Brother Made (He Didn’t Want It To Be A Soppy Card)

#26 My Mother’s Day Gift A Day Late. It’s Funny Until I Weep

#27 So I Was Going Through The Stuff My Mom Saved From Our Childhood And Found This Card I Made Her For Mother’s Day In First Grade

#28 Mother’s Day Card From My Brother To My Mom. How Sweet

#29 My Mom Has Been Complaining About This School Picture For Almost 20 Years Now. I Decided To Immortalize It For Her For Mother’s Day

Original Article : HERE ; This post was curated & posted using : RealSpecific

This post was curated & Posted using : RealSpecific

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