A teenager broke her retainer because of a shirtless scene in ‘Black Panther’

Image: Lamparski/getty images

Imagine being so thirsty that you break your retainer. 

A teenager was that overwhelmed during a scene in Black Panther

The whole thing started when Tumblr user nitramaraho responded to a GIF set of Michael B. Jordan, featuring him as shirtless Erik Killmonger in Black Panther. 

“Get you a man who can do both,” the original caption says. 

Nitramaraho commented that one of his patients came in for an emergency visit because she clenched her teeth so hard during Jordan’s scene that she snapped her retainer. 

“That is the funniest fucking shit ever to me this tiny 17 year old girl thirsting so goddamn hard she busted steel,” he wrote. 

His story was screenshotted and posted to Twitter, where 17-year-old Sophia found it. 

“Wait. This girl is me. That is my orthodontist’s Tumblr,” Sophia tweeted, “This is a post about me? I’m going to kill myself.” 

“This is litterally[sic] my orthodontist and he’s the chillest person i have ever met even though he eXPOSED ME ON THE INTERNET,” she later tweeted

The hilarious story inspired a JAWS meme, featuring Sophia. 

With her newfound fame, Sophia tweeted, “here i was thinking i would become a major criminal justice lawyer but in reality i am going to become Sophia (Retainer girl) Killmonger-Robb staying at home with my love children in our beautiful home and this is okay!” 

Her father, Charlie, wasn’t as enthused with her abandoning her career plans. 

“This is your father. I just clenched my jaw so hard my retainer snapped,” he tweeted back at her. 

He also assured all of Twitter that the family was already budgeting for another retainer for whenever Michael B. Jordan’s next movie comes out. 

But it looks like they don’t need to: the story got back to Jordan himself and he offered to pay for the mouth gear. “Since I feel partly responsible for breaking your retainers, let me know if I can replace them,” he tweeted at Sophia. 

And as for the orthodontist — after the story went viral, he changed his Tumblr header to “NOT A HIPAA VIOLATION.”

“Stop messaging ‘hippa’ or ‘hipaa’ I suppose,” it says. 

He also confirmed that Sophia is his patient. “Yup,” he responded to an anonymous question. “This shit is hilarious,” he responded to another

Nitramaraho also said that he didn’t violate any HIPAA laws because he didn’t reveal any identifying information about Sophia, because she identified herself on Twitter.

Even Sophia asked the internet to leave her orthodontist alone. 

At least they’ll have something to talk about at Sophia’s next appointment. 

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