Another Sinkhole Just Opened Near The White House And Everyone Is Making The Same Joke

Yet another sinkhole has opened up next to the White House, confirming that the only department unaffected by the shutdown is the department of obvious metaphors.

(And that the Hellmouth has moved from Sunnydale to DC).

So far during Trump’s presidency, sinkholes have opened up on the White House lawn and his famous Mar-a-Lago resort, in what even scientists are starting to suspect is a targeted attack by a vengeful god.

This time, God was a little off the mark and hit just a block away from the president.

The Internet has responded predictably to the sinkhole, linking it to the president and/or impending apocalypse in every way they possibly can.

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And joking that the damned thing keeps missing its target.

Sinkholes are common in areas where rock underneath the road is easily dissolved by water (such as limestone and gypsum). During heavy rainfall, this can dissolve the ground beneath the surface of a road or sidewalk, whilst the surface remains intact. Eventually, when the rock underneath is sufficiently dissolved that it can no longer support the ground above, it’ll collapse, forming a sinkhole.

However, at this point, nobody is willing to dismiss the idea that Hell just wants its man back, or that Melania’s escape tunnel has caved in. So, enjoy some of the best Twitter jokes about it before the Hellmouth opens up proper.

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