Archived TV interview may reveal identity of Banksy

Footage shows partly covered face of man who claims to be artist and seems to be working on two of his pieces

A long-lost interview with a young man claiming to be Banksy, the worlds most famous anonymous street artist, has been found in a television companys vault.


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The interview was filmed before the elusive artists breakthrough 2003 Turf War exhibition in London and features a man whose face is partially obscured with a baseball cap and T-shirt.

It was shown on ITV London at the time but then forgotten about until the Bristol-based ITV News reporter Robert Murphy stumbled upon it when he was doing some research on Bansky.

The figure is shown stencilling a picture of a black insect on to a wall and working on a piece in which a baby is playing with alphabet building blocks that spell out: KILL MORE. Both pieces have long been attributed to Banksy.

The two-minute report, by the ITV News correspondent Haig Gordon, features the man speaking for 35 seconds.

Banksy at work? Photograph: ITV News/PA

His eyes, eyebrows and forehead are visible. Im disguised because you cant really be a graffiti writer and then go public, he tells Gordon, who has since retired. The two things dont quite go together.

In Turf War, Bansky decorated live farm animals including cattle with this way up arrows and stencilled blue police patrol car colours on pigs.

The interviewee says: Its hard to make an entertaining picture at the best of times but at least if you have something that wanders around and licks its nose and urinates in front of you its going to make the picture a bit more interesting.


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Asked about spraying Designated Riot Area on Nelsons Column, the man says: I thought that was quite funny.

Gordon asks: You dont mind if I pass your details on to the police? He replies: No. What details have you got?

Murphy found the report in the ITV News archives and conceded it was impossible to say if the man was Banksy. But he said the clip showed an artist purporting to be Banksy creating art at an official Banksy exhibition.

Original Article : HERE ; This post was curated & posted using : RealSpecific

This post was curated & Posted using : RealSpecific

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