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Do you have a list of words that you like? I used to have a pretty extensive list. I had great deals of words on there, but sadly I have actually forgotten a number of them due to the fact that I wasn’t considering them enough.

This is depressing since that list was such a simple little choice me approximately keep. I also liked that I liked the words for absolutely no sensible factor.

For example, the word “fusia” was on there and I’m not even one hundred percent sure what color that is, however I like the noise. By the way, I’m believing fusia is a burgundy-ish color.

I once was out to eat with a girlfriend named Set (in fact her name was Katrina and for some reason it was shortened to Kit instead of Kat).

The relationship was plainly ending, but we still had a couple of suppers and drinks in us before the official end.

Anyways, that night she informed me that she liked the word “perpendicular” and although I was psychologically tainted in my thinking about her, since I knew that we were going to separate, at the moment that she said that, she appeared to me the most stunning lady worldwide. I like words and I like people who like words.

Anyways, I simply recognized that I likewise like the word “technique”. I’m not exactly sure why. I like it and furthermore, simply thinking about it makes me want I had a strategy … for anything … except marketing.

I don’t want a marketing strategy and I definitely don’t want a web marketing method. Similar to my feelings towards Kit in a positive way, I believe that I would be negatively influenced by somebody who had an online marketing strategy.

I don’t even wish to consider what I ‘d feel towards someone who declared to have the very best online marketing method.

So in conclusion, I feel that the word technique is cool and I also feel that real techniques are cool, but a marketing method to me reeks of exploitative intentions and to me that is simply not cool.

Do you have a list of words that you like? Anyways, I simply understood that I likewise like the word “method”. I like it and moreover, just thinking about it makes me want I had a method … for anything … other than marketing.

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