Don’t Talk To Lewis Black About Scooters! He Hates Them!

Lewis Black doesn’t want anything to do with scooters and municipal scooter-sharing programs. That’s what he said on “The Daily Show,” and it sounds like he meant it.

First, Black said, he gets around by parkour. Second, there are no docks for the scooters.

“People just leave them lying around anywhere for the next person to find them,” Black said, bemoaning a problem that cities have also had with stationless bikes. “That’s not sharing. That’s littering!”

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“Hey, how about I launch a dog poop sharing app? I’m not leaving my dog shit on the sidewalk. I’m sharing it with the community,” he quipped.

Black also touched on the scooter hate trend, calling it “classic civil disobedience.”

Check out the video above to see Black’s favored solution to the scooter problem.

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