Guy Discovers A Trap Door In His Apartment Floor, Finds Something That Wasnt In The Lease

What quality, horror story plot doesn’t involve a creepy home discovery? Well, this Reddit thread from Irishman Daniel Carley is not the stuff of fiction. The man moved into an old building dating back to the 19th century but was not briefed on the complete layout, which he discovered, was hiding some pretty macabre features.

The tale starts with an innocent enough hatch handle on the floor, “this wasn’t in the lease” he writes. Just like any good scary movie protagonist, he decided to see what was hiding beneath the door. Unveiled were steps leading underground and despite the obvious American Horror Story: Murder House vibes, he went down.

Scroll down below to see what he found!

Ireland native Daniel Carley decided to move into a new apartment in England

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He thought he got a pretty good deal

The kitchen/living room has high ceilings: it’s a very old building.

But as he was exploring his new living space

Got all the essentials set up

He found a feature that wasn’t on the lease

The kitchen/living room has high ceilings: it’s a very old building

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It really is a mezzanine, it’s more of a bunk bed than a bedroom. Cosy.

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Nice functional shower room

Hang on.. What’s this?

Looks like a hatch. This wasn’t in the lease

Opening it…

Oh, a bit of underfloor storeage for some tools and old paint cans. Pretty unexciting. Of course there couldn’t be a secret dungeon complex under my bog-standard studio I rented for small money, that only happens in poorly-written movies

Hang on a second…

This can’t be true, that’s definitely a staircase

We have a dungeon. We have a dungeon. At this point I couldn’t believe my luck, and was completely freaked out since it was so unexpected. I suspected the dungeon stretched beneath the entire building, so I sealed the hatch (with the bathroom door wedged over it) and awaited backup

Got a friend, and proceeded. There is a proper 19th century layout of corridors and hatches beneath

To the right of the corridor, underneath the neighbour’s room

Friend examining the end of the corridor. It stretches further, she said

But wait, what’s up there? Only noticed this when reviewing the photos, could be a hidden space upstairs between apartments, or else an illusion caused be a collapsing ceiling. To be investigated

This is on the left of the corridor. Beautiful vaulted ceiling. Didn’t get a good look though the hatch yet

Random graffiti. People have been here this decade

The basement space is beautiful. Four walls, albeit a bit damp, and a somewhat solid floor. Great headroom down here

Curious shape in the corner. Bed, or crypt, it’ll make a good seat for a potential home cinema, or else for a dungeon party

Furnishings. Sacrificial altar?

There’s a hole in the middle of the room, with very soft dirt. Possibly recently disturbed

The staircase back up to the apartment. The builders have been down here when the place was being renovated a few years ago, but it seems completely uninhabited since. No mention in the lease. This appears to be the only staircase to the dungeon. I’m debating my next move. More exploration needs to be done, but it’s very scary living above it alone

Later his friend came to visit with the ‘appropriate’ attire

Friend brought housewarming gifts

Watch the video below for an eerie guided tour

Other people found the room super creepy and left less than comforting comments

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