Guy Tries To Fight Against Birds For 4 Years, And It Gets Funnier With Every Pic

Once birds find an attractive place to nest, high up away from predators, ideally with some shelter and a little warmth, they will go to great lengths to keep it. I mean, wouldn’t you if you were in their position?

Imgur user atomicrabbit2 discovered this to his cost, after moving into a lovely new house with a cozy gas heater. The exhaust was nicely tucked away in a corner, presenting an ideal place for birds to settle in and make themselves at home. And so the bird wars began. Envisioning a simple solution to his problem, atomicrabbit2 started off with some basic bird blocking techniques. Needless to say, it quickly escalated from there and continues to this very day, 4 years later.

Scroll down to check out how it all unfolded below, and let us know what you think in the comments!

“My 4-year battle with birds”

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“So we bought a new house. This house has a nice gas fireplace and the exhaust was tucked neatly away near the back door. The problem was, the little nook appeared to be a perfect place for birds to nest because of the protection of the roof and heat from the fireplace”

“August 2014: The first time I noticed the little guys, they caught me off guard, but thought nothing of it. They were just trying to keep warm, I figured. They startled easily and flew away whenever I would walk in/out of my back door, which scared the shit outta me. At first I ignored it, but they started shitting and building a nest INSIDE the exhaust”

“March 2015: Next spring, I decided to wrap the exhaust in chicken wire (Iteration 1). I was proud of the tidy, little wrap I did, patted myself on the back and figured that was it…”

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“May 2015: Apparently it wasn’t. They found a nice little crevice on top of the exhaust to build a neat, little nest. Ok fine. No babies, so nest is gone. Easy enough”

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“The bird came back the very next day. Cleared it out and they didn’t seem to come back for the rest of the season. Awesome!”

“May 2016: ….”

“Ok this is getting annoying. So I added bird spikes on top which I figured would keep them out for good. NOPE. They came back with a vengeance. It not only didn’t keep them away, but the spikes seemed to stabilize their nest. This time they brought coloured twine! I cleaned out the nest, next day they came back with more blue twine. Cleaned it out, and THEY CAME BACK AGAIN WITH MORE GODDAMNED TWINE.. They must have had a stock pile somewhere”

“June 2016: HA! You want to f*ck with me? Fine… MORE BIRD SPIKES, B*TCHES! No way they’ll build anything no—

“May 2017: F*ck”

“July 2017: f*ck f*ck f*ck”

“Wrapped the entire opening at the top”

“I’m smarter than you, bitc—”

“May 2018: what the absolute f*ck??! HOWWWW???!! So apparently, I left a small opening on the right side. Those birds were flying up into their now high-end GATED F*CKING COMMUNITY!”

“May 2018: Meet Dr. Who. He scared the hell out of those birds and they haven’t been back since”

“July 2018: closing the gap on the right side just for good measure. They gave me a run for my money and it’s not pretty, but after 4 years, lots of bird shit and 6 iterations, I think this will be the final one. If I see them back next year, I may just give in and try to charge them rent”

People loved the battle

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