Ingenious Designs Pushing Wireless Audio Into a Hi-Fi Future

Wireless technology is helping audio gear explore new horizons in form and functionality.

Stephanie Gonot

1. Devialet Phantom Reactor

If I close my eyes and listen, I almost forget that this wireless speaker is no bigger than a pineapple. But I keep my eyes wide open because the Reactor is mesmerizing: The 600 watts of power generated by its hybrid analog-digital amp send the side-mounted bass drivers fluttering like a butterfly's wings. Connectivity over Bluetooth, AirPlay, or Spotify Connect gives me multiple ways to annoy my neighbors.



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Stephanie Gonot

2. Cambridge Audio Alva TT

I've spun my share of Bluetooth record players; most make vinyl sound flat and lifeless. But this British-engineered turntable is the first to support the high-resolution aptX HD Bluetooth standard that preserves all the groovy drama. With its one-piece tone arm and custom-designed stylus, the tether-free rig made my LPs sound as vibrant as those played on my wired system.


Stephanie Gonot

3. Bang & Olufsen Beosound Edge

The Danish wizards at B&O find buttons boring—hence the imaginative controls on this knee-high, double-sided speaker. To change the volume, give it a gentle push like you're trying to roll it. When the volume hits the desired level, let go and the cylinder settles back into place. It's a design that upends expectations of how a speaker should look and function, and its wireless audio chops (options include AirPlay 2, Bluetooth, and Chromecast) are as progressive as its silhouette.


Stephanie Gonot

4. Audeze Mobius

These high-end Bluetooth headphones deliver powerful, distortion-free audio, but their real talent is transforming the listening experience. Built-in sensors track the direction I'm facing, and the audio adjusts as I turn my head to keep the soundstage centered, simulating how we hear sound in the real world. Using the effect while gaming deepens my immersion in virtual worlds, and it puts me in the audience of my favorite live jazz recordings.



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