Jim Caviezel Calls Out the #1 Struggle for Modern-Day Christians in Powerful Message: “Stop Being Afraid”

Actor Jim Caviezel has not only portrayed the role of prominent biblical figureheads on the big screen but also makes a point to live out the Christian life when the cameras stop rolling.

“My gift is from God,” Caviezel says of his acting ability. “It was a gift given to me. I didn’t give it to myself.”

The rising Hollywood star, who played Jesus in The Passion of the Christ and the apostle Luke in the newly released film Paul, Apostle of Christ, recently sent a message to fellow Christians about the importance of living out our faith without fear.

“In terms of persecution around the world, what message would you like that audience to hear, as it relates to this movie?” the actor was asked in an interview.

“Well you mean as far as the Chaldeans, Coptics and Syrian Christians that were crucified on Good Friday last year?” replied Caviezel. “I would say the United States, we’ve got to, as Christians, start not being afraid.”

“Every man dies. Not every man really lives,” he added, echoing the famous quote of Mel Gibson’s William Wallace.

“And in this film, what Paul says at the end is really powerful,” said Caviezel. “To live is Christ. To die is gain. We all die, man. It’s how you live your life, and there are a lot of people out there right now that need our help.”

The faith-based film star is concerned that Christ followers in today’s culture are too worried about death, citing the reaction to Billy Graham’s recent passing as an example:

“As Christians, we have to stop being afraid of that. You know, and I think modern-day Christians really struggle with death… Billy Graham just died, but he had 99 years. And a lot of people cried, but my God, if you don’t believe that man is with Jesus, then what kind of faith do you have?”

Watch the powerful clip from Jim Caveziel’s interview in the video below:

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