Leadership Is Based On Values – Capabilities of a Bigger Leader

When we study on abilities we learn, of well simplist form, that capability is the set of understanding, abilities and mindsets. If we go to the dictionary we can confirm that the mindset is the method to proceed, to act, the behavior.

Thus being, we can affirm that the part most important of the capability its in our position. When the business elaborate its photos of abilities essences, those that represent its objective, concepts and values, there see a series of revenues of the organization in relation its collaborators: enterprising capacity, focus in results, taking of choice, negotiation, leadership, imagination and as much others.

An important concern fits: it will be that these capabilities are actually essential? If to think about the attitude as standard concept of the ability, the waited behaviors would not have more to be valued? Obvious that we require specialists with focus in results, proficient mediators, innovative, enterprising, that they know to work under pressure, however we urgently need leaders with behaviors that impactem more significantly in the businesses or, a minimum of, to offer to the capabilities accented connotations more.

We would have to attempt, in our companies, people capable to be:

* Humble

Simple not just to learn, unprovided of conceit that the learning, simple just blocks to hear and to understand, simple to focus primary and accessory, simple it not to share the knowledge, humble to understand that the weight biggest of the existence not to be in HAVING and yes in the BEING. And is good that if it does not forget that humbleness is a virtue.

* Intelligent

Intelligence that surpasses the capability diagnosising, to anticipate scenes future, to analyze circumstances for various angles, that go despite the fact that beyond the ability communicating with the most diverse individuals, managing impulses, to express feelings. She is required to sharpen intelligence spiritual, not in the direction of worship, but the intelligence that searchs the lighting, that browses the wisdom, a directed intelligence to be better. As Mahatma Gandhi it composed: “When a just male reaches the fullness of the love, it neutralizes the hatred of numerous millions”

* Responsible

Not it responsibility required for the companies, who we are not more of the one than obligation, however duty for each said word, for each revealed gesture, each acted, commentaries produced the coasts, would say more, responsibility even for our ideas. We discover in the science that no energy if loses, all are changedded. Then, why not to put in our daily relations something that is not taught in books and nor in the schools, a little of pleasantness in the habits, all the moments, all the levels, everyday and for the whole life?

* Human being

We are people, we possess intelligence that in them makes superiors to other beings livings animal. The appropriate word human being constantly is associated with the goodness, to the altruism. A great leader must HUMAN BEING.

Someone that either capable to enjoy totally without being servile, somebody that the pardon understands and practices, that either capable to completely hear the other in a delivery mindset, that can act for internal certainty, to be reasonable without to be piegas, capable to show principles and respect, capable to celebrate the triumphes and conquests unconditionally and for a required one not to have, capable to review its worths, capable to alter its thoughts, capable to execute a intramudança, capable to offer to the light itself precisely. It is essential to know that the attitude, crucial point of the capability, depends solely on the individual.

An important question fits: it will be that these abilities are really important? If to consider the mindset as standard concept of the capability, the waited behaviors would not have more to be valued? Obvious that we need experts with focus in results, experienced mediators, creative, resourceful, that they know to work under pressure, however we urgently need leaders with behaviors that impactem more substantially in the businesses or, at least, to offer to the capabilities accented undertones more.

Intelligence that goes beyond the capacity diagnosising, to predict scenes future, to analyze situations for different angles, that go even though beyond the capability engaging with the most varied people, managing impulses, to reveal sensations.

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