Mama June’s Boyfriend Crashes SUV Into Her Garage – & Honey Boo Boo Refuses To Move Back In Unless She Dumps Him! – Perez Hilton

Honey Boo Boo isn’t moving back in with her troubled mother until Mama June severs ties with her problematic boyfriend — and it sounds like the right call, because the guy continues to prove he’s straight up dangerous to be around.

Sources close to the family tell TMZ the 13-year-old reality star (real name Alana Thompson) refuses to move back in with June as long as she’s still with Geno Doak, the man the 39-year-old had been shacking up at an Alabama casino with and got busted for crack cocaine possession alongside back in March.

According to the outlet, June has since left the casino and moved back into the family’s home. But her famous daughter is keeping her distance until Geno is out of the picture — and June is in rehab.


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The news comes on the heels of a scary incident last week where he allegedly slammed his SUV into the garage of June’s home. Witnesses told TMZ  the reality TV star’s BF was speeding down the street on Friday before he pulled into the driveway and crashed.

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Geno — who was apparently in no shape to walk, let alone drive — reportedly started honking the horn for June to come out. As seen in video footage obtained by the outlet, June then came out of the house in a purple negligee to help her boyfriend get out of the car. She’s seen leaning over the passenger seat in what looks like an attempt to help Geno unfasten his seat belt.

Eventually, her boyfriend manages to make it out of the vehicle. He’s seen stumbling across the driveway, shirtless with his pants and socks falling off, but only makes it a few steps before retreating back into the SUV.

At one point, June can be seen trying to pull Geno’s pants up, but he slaps her hand away and starts punching the windows of the vehicle. Dude is an absolute mess, and it’s actually pretty scary to watch.

See for yourself (below):

Wow. No wonder HBB wants nothing to do with this guy. He’s clearly a danger to himself and others!

The teen star made her way to the house hours after the accident to check on her momma. According to TMZ, Honey was able to get June out of the house for a face-to-face talk that lasted about an hour — after which June reportedly went back inside without her daughter.


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As we reported, Honey and her sister Pumpkin begged June to clean up her act a few months ago when they staged a dramatic intervention that played out in a recent episode of From Hot To NotDuring the tense meeting, Honey Boo Boo tearfully pointed out she’s currently living with her older sis because she has no other choice, and, at this rate, June won’t be alive to see her grandchildren grow up.

TMZ reports if nothing changes, 19-year-old Pumpkin will go to court and fight to gain custody of her little sister. Sources say June hasn’t expressed much interest in getting her daughter back.

This situation is so sad. We hope June somehow gets her act together. In the meantime, our thoughts are with HBB and Pumpkin.

[Image via WeTV]

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