Rest in peace to Queen Elizabeth II’s last royal corgi

Queen Elizabeth II with one of her beloved royal corgis.
Image: Bettmann Archive

The end of an era.

Queen Elizabeth II’s last royal corgi, Willow, has reportedly passed away, the Daily Mailreports. The dog was apparently put to sleep on Sunday after a battle with cancer, and royal sources allegedly told the Mail that the queen is taking it “extremely hard.”

Willow is the last remaining descendant of a long line of royal corgis bred from the Queen’s beloved first dog, Susan. After the queen took a liking to a corgi brought home by her father King George VI in 1933, she was gifted her own, thus beginning a tradition of royal corgis. 

In the decades since, corgis have become synonymous with the queen. She was even photographed with her beloved dogs – including Willow – for Vanity Fair in 2016. (The pup’s sitting bottom left, FYI.)

Willow’s death marks the end of the line as, per The Telegraph, the queen has stopped breeding her corgis. But worry not – the queen isn’t totally without royal canine companions. As the Daily Mailreports, she still has her “dorgis” Vulcan and Candy, both crosses between a dachshund and a corgi.

In Willow’s memory, please enjoy this regal corgi tea party we held back when the queen took the title of longest-reigning monarch.

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