Someone Shared Their Collection Of The Most Savage And Nicest Old Lady Facebook Bios And Theyre Hilarious

For many elders, social media remains terra incognita. However, that doesn’t stop them from exploring it. Just a few days ago, Kristin Hagan from Dayton, Ohio, shared her collection of old lady Facebook bios, and they perfectly illustrate how most seniors look there. Sharing a little bit too much information? Yep. Insulting your grandkids in front of the whole Internet? You bet. Nothing is off-limits when you don’t give a single damn. Damn, I wish I was at least half as cool as these ladies.

Kristin’s post has quickly received over 22K reactions and 161K shares, and people loved it.


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Bios like these are becoming more and more popular on Facebook – there’s a surge in older users. In fact, many have recently declared that Facebook is officially for old people. Why? Mainly because the elders who have helped the overall Facebook user growth, may have pushed younger people away from the site.


Currently, Facebook is used by around half of America’s teens, and while it’s still a lot, it no longer dominates the teen social media landscape as it once did. Now, 51% of 13-to-17-year-olds say they use the platform, and that’s way less than the 71% in 2014-2015. The top sites among today’s teens are YouTube (85%), Instagram (72%) and Snapchat (69%).



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Also, many adult Facebook users in the U.S. lack a clear understanding of how the platform works. According to a 2018 survey, 53% of them say they do not understand why certain posts show up in their news feed and others don’t.


According to one study that tried to find out why older adults tend to have trouble with technology, most of the time it’s due to lack of instructions, guidance, and confidence. These negative experiences may have a negative impact on these folks, resulting in feelings of inadequacy and lack of social interaction. So the next time your grandparents ask you about a new Facebook feature, take your time and explain it to them!



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