The Way This Mom Got Back Her Stolen Bike From The Thief After Police Refused To Help Is Brilliant

This 44-year-old mom has become an inspiration for Londoners who have been wronged by bike thieves. Recently, Sharron Jenson has taken upon herself to get back her $915 bike after police closed the case due to ‘lack of evidence.’ And she went full undercover detective mode to do so, too.

Just days after her bicycle got stolen from her local high street, Sharron found an ad for it on Gumtree. “[The police told me] to contact the guy, but not to go see him on my own. They said to stall him and tell them, and they could see if someone could go with me to get it,” she said.

Despite getting the thief’s first name, his address and phone number, the authorities refused to help her. “All information was reviewed and it was decided that there was insufficient information to proceed with an investigation,” a Metropolitan Police spokesman said.

Jenson, however, couldn’t give up. Posing as a potential buyer, she then bought a cheap sim card and contacted the seller, scheduling a ‘test drive.’ “It has made me realize how bad the state of policing is here,” Jenson said. “It’s unbelievable that victims of crimes are having to investigate and then collect their own stolen items. And then nothing is done still. It makes me so angry.”

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The housewife went alone to meet the thief. “We met elsewhere and walked to the house. He asked me multiple times to go into the house but I said no,” she added. “It was really frightening. I thought, ‘What am I doing?’ I know he’s only a bike thief, but here I was confronting him. I was really nervous.”

She identified that the bike was indeed hers and asked if she could ride it. Jenson even thought to leave the thief with an empty handbag she had brought along as a decoy. “I was thinking, ‘This is so dangerous,’ but I knew it was my only chance. I cycled away and got to the corner and thought, ‘It’s now or never.’”

She pedaled harder and harder and went faster and faster. “I saw he wasn’t following me and just kept going.”

Jenson found safety in a corner shop, where the staff kept her bike while she fetched her car. Eventually, the thief understood what was happening. He texted her, demanding to bring the bike back and then later called – but laughed and hung up immediately after she said the bike was hers.

(h/t dailymail)

Recently, Sharron Jenson lost her $915 bike to a bike thief

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However, she found an ad for the bike on Gumtree just days later and contacted the police

They, however, refused to help due to ‘lack of evidence’ even though Jenson provided the name, address and phone number of the thief

Sharon decided to take matters into her own hands and messaged the ‘seller’ posing as a potential buyer

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She identified that the bike was indeed hers and asked for a test ride: “I saw he wasn’t following me and just kept going”

The thief texted her, demanding to bring the bike back and then later called

But laughed and hung up immediately after she said the bike was hers

“No wonder criminals think they can get away with it – because they can”

People had a lot to say about Sharon’s struggles

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