This Mans 8-Year-Old Son Revealed He Was Being Bullied, So His Father Decided To Have A Talk With The Bully

Studies show that 1 in 4 children experience bullying at school. It’ a heartbreaking problem that doesn’t always get enough attention from school administrations and parents often have to deal with these issues on their own. This is exactly what happened to father of three, Aubrey Fontenot, from Houston, Texas, when his 8-year-old son, Jordan, revealed that he was being bullied. The school had failed to help the young boy, but luckily, Jordan’s father knew exactly what to do.

Instead of angrily confronting the bully, Tamarion, Aubrey decided to spend some time with him and just talk. The concerned father managed to get through to the kid and after a heart-to-heart conversation, Aubrey found out that Tamarion was bullied himself for not having clean clothes and being homeless. While there’s no excuse for bullying, Aubrey quickly realized that this young boy needed help. He bought Tamarion some new clothes and later seated him down with his son to have a conversation about bullying. Soon after, the two boys were playing video games together.

Aubrey posted the story on twitter and it quickly went viral as an example of how a little compassion can go a long way. In addition, the father created a Go-Fund-Me campaign for Tamarion and in 4 days $24,210 was raised for the young boy’s family. Not only did Aubrey manage to stop his child from being bullied, but he also helped turn his son’s bully’s life around! Scroll below to see how this inspiring story unfolded.

Meet Aubrey Fontenot from Houston, Texas who deserves to be called a father of the year!

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After his 8-year-old son revealed he’s being bullied at school, Aubrey, instead of angrily confronting the bully, decided to spend some time with him and talk

The bully revealed that he’s bullied too for not having clean clothes and being homeless

So Aubrey decided to do the most unexpected thing – he brought him new clothes

Later the father seated him down with his son to have a conversation about bullying

Soon after, the two boys were playing video games together!

Aubrey created a Go-Fund-Me campaign for Tamarion and in 4 days $24,210 was raised for the young boy’s family in hopes to turn their life around

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Here’s how people reacted

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