Trump Evicts Tech Workers, Avengers Return, and More News

Thousands of immigrant tech workers are being sent home under the Trump administration, GoDaddy is out to fight spam, and the Avengers are ready for their End Game. Here's the news you need to know in two minutes or less.

Visa rejections for tech workers are soaring under President Trump

On the campaign trail, Donald Trump promised to overhaul the H-1B visa program, an important program that draws specialized immigrant talent into American companies. But denial rates for both new applications and extensions have more than doubled since he took office, and thousands of workers who have spent years in the US are now being told to leave, some as soon as the end of the month.

GoDaddy axed 15,000 spam sites

You've seen the ads: miracle weight loss solutions, brain pills, etc. Plenty of people still fall for them but spam ranks pretty low on the internet's list of problems. But GoDaddy teamed up with Palo Alto Networks to take down 15,000 subdomains dedicated to selling those phony pharmaceuticals under false pretenses. Take that, spammers.


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Samsung's Fold problems may be hard to fix

It looks like the problems with Samsung's infamous Galaxy Fold may not straighten out anytime soon. A breakdown from phone repair company iFixit reveals that many of the problems reviewers discovered are systemic, and come from the very construction of the device. Samsung has not yet announced a re-release date, but don't hold your breath.

Cocktail Conversation

The day has finally come for the Avengers to return, and we've already reviewed it right here. If you'd you'd like to see the glory with fresh eyes, however, here are the steps you can take to avoid internet spoilers.

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More News You Can Use

Facebook reported its earnings yesterday, and the company is set to pay billions for its privacy missteps.

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