Trump Supporters Are ‘The Enemy Of The Republic’: NY Times Op-Ed Columnist

Although President Donald Trump consistently labels the press the “enemy of the people,” New York Times columnist Charles M. Blow says the president’s rabid base is the real danger to the country.

In a scathing new editorial, Blow calls Trump supporters “the enemy of the Republic” because their enthusiasm for the president is impeding both “a genuine search for truth and an honoring of it.”

“Every time Trump’s followers turn a blind eye to his corruption, dishonesty or hatred, they say to the Republicans they sent to Washington, ‘If you are my representative, you will follow my lead and promote my desires,’” Blow wrote.

“In effect, that means that if the base loves Trump, the base’s senators and congressmen and women are obligated to also love Trump — or at least fake it,” he added.

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Blow said Trump’s base is so fervent that it makes traditional Republicans afraid to stand on principle, lest they be “drummed out of politics.”

The end result?

“The voters are now Trump’s noxious base, ergo Trump holds each of their fates in his hands,” he wrote.

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