Twitter POUNCED When Anthony Scaramucci Posted This Embarrassing Tweet

ast Friday, President Trump appointed Anthony Scaramucci as his new White House Communications Director. Then Sean Spicer saidsee ya,andTwitter went NUTS!

Users flocked to Scaramucci’saccount, scrolling throughhis postsfor anything and everything epically ridiculous they could possibly find hidden in the new White House Communications Director’s tweet history.

What did they find? Gosh, so much. Not only were there tons of tweets signaling views in opposition to the Trump administration’s agenda many of which have since been removed but they also uncovereda treasure trove ofotherstrangerfinds.

Oneembarrassingtweet in particular has sparked QUITE the comeback retweetstorm. Twitter is NOT letting this bit go. And that’s why we love them. SO GOOD!

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