Ubers financials, Qualtrics $8B exit and whats going on at WeWork

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast, where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines.

This week we had the excellent Connie Loizos on the air, we had Danny Crichton on the horn from New York, I was in the studio mostly hacking up one lung or the other and we had Matt Howard of Norwest Venture Partners.

And so, with smoke in the Bay and snow in the Big Apple, we dug into what we love. Namely, dollars.

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Uber was first in line due to the scale of its results. The firm disclosed its third-quarter results, including slowing growth (in percentage terms), steep losses on a GAAP basis (GAAP means that all costs were counted) and adjusted losses that fell in the period.

So, a mixed bag. I found it to be somewhat negative (more of my view here); our guest was more bullish. Feel free to write in and let us know who you think is right.

Next up was the big deal of the week, effectively. The Qualtrics exit to SAP for $8 billion in cash, a portion of which it borrowed, as we point out. The deal meant that the company didn’t actually go public (boo), but it still made a hell of a splash all the same.

I chatted with the CEOs of SAP and Qualtrics, and have the notes here if that’s useful.

Finally, we riffed on the latest WeWork numbers, which include a $3 billion warrant and a massive third-quarter loss. WeWork lost more money in the quarter than it generated in revenue. That is, as they say, not great.

Many companies lose money while growing and work out great! But for every Facebook, there are a few Snaps, and I can’t tell which side of the coin WeWork lands.

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Oh, and this Instacart story happened. What’s up with that?

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