When NPR Tweeted the Declaration of Independence, Trump Supporters Lost Their Minds

or 29 years, NPR’sMorning Edition has upheld a patriotic July 4 tradition. Every Independence Day, its radio personalities and reporters read the Declaration of Independence aloud. This year, they also posted the text of the document in a series of tweets, much to the chagrin of insane conservatives on Twitter.

Some people on that glorious website didn’t realize that National Public Radio was honoring our nation’s great history and instead believed the organization was spreading biasedliberal nonsense.

It’s unclear whether NPR knew exactly what it was doing or whether the ire it sparked in some Trump supporters was entirelyunintentional, but either way, these tweets are beyond bonkers.

But believe it or not, there’s a happy ending to this story. I know! But it’s true.

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