Women On Tumblr Unite To Prove That Not All Old Fashion Statements Were A Tool Of Patriarchy

Most of us have seen and probably laughed at the ridiculous fashion of the days of the past, especially the over-the-top skirts that took up half of the room. Luckily for us, ladies, we live in the world where (for the most part) we’re free to wear what we want and no longer need to show off our social status by donning constricting garments. Yet while we might look back at the mind-boggling contraptions that women wore a couple of centuries ago, people of Tumblr had their own ideas about it. When someone wearing a hoop skirt as an experiment said that they feel “oppressed by the patriarchy”, one user started a thread explaining how some of the fashion choices of the past eras were actually liberating. You thought those skirts were clumsy and uncomfortable? Well, maybe they’re a good way to escape unwanted attention? Scroll down below to see what people had to say and don’t forget to let us know what you think!

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